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Management Apprenticeships

The introduction of the Levy has presented many businesses with the opportunity to look at current Learning & Development plans and offset training budget where possible by aligning business needs to Apprenticeships.  One area that has sufficient funding, and most businesses recognise a dire need for upskilling is in Leadership and Management.  Just getting the basics of effective management - clear objective setting, structured performance evaluation systems, honest and open feedback and communication can be a challenge for most businesses and it shouldn't be.

"Your young managers of today will become your leaders of tomorrow."

Because there's no widely agreed-on skillset for management, there's an assumption everyone knows how to do it.  This is akin to someone who's never driven before being given keys to a car and told: "Drive." 

Often staff new to management roles or even taking on a supervisory or mentoring role are ill-equipped for challenges and pressures of people-management.  Management skills are something staff usually pick up along the way, learn through experience and by emulating others and very little formal learning is every given to a business critical skill set.  Many companies invest heavily in training at the top (leadership development, executive retreats, etc.) but less at the bottom or the middle, where it may well be more needed. 

Management is also often uneven throughout a business - you have your outstanding ones, your okay ones, and your downright incompetent ones who can do a lot of damage.   In any business, consistency is a good thing and Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to achieve this in a growing business.

By looking at Level 3 and Level 5 Management apprenticeships standards, current staff can be enrolled onto Apprenticeships and slowly grow their own skills while improving the overall business through an effective and consistent approach to management. 

The PDS approach to delivery is to always tailor the programmes as much as possible and ensure that we not only deliver quality Apprenticeships, we also align the programmes and the training to the needs of the business and align to the most appropriate institute or accredited association to deliver not only the required skills but the recognition you require.